Neptune Canada

NEPTUNE Canada, the world’s first regional-scale cabled observatory network, is located off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The network, which extends across the Juan de Fuca plate, gathers live data from a rich constellation of instruments deployed in a broad spectrum of undersea environments. Data are transmitted via high-speed fibre optic communications from the seafloor to an innovative data archival system at the University of Victoria. This system provides free Internet access to an immense wealth of data, both live and archived throughout the life of our planned 25-year project.

NEPTUNE Canada offers a unique and exciting approach to ocean science. Traditionally, ocean scientists have relied on infrequent ship cruises or space-based satellites to carry out their research. But NEPTUNE Canada is changing this. We’re the world’s first regional-scale underwater ocean observatory network that plugs directly into the Internet. People everywhere can ‘surf the seafloor,’, while ocean scientists run deep-water experiments from labs and universities anywhere around the world.

To learn more, see our video introduction to NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS.

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