UVic Ocean Technology Lab (OTL)

OTL is currently involved in a underwater technology projects that range in scope from autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to the evaluation of underwater insturmentation for scientific use. Some of the current research topics include:

  • Underwater vehicle and structure design
  • Control and guidance systems for underwater vehicles including the development of a new underwater postioning system
  • High definition underwater video

The lab engineers have diverse backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software development. This experience provides a solid framework for developing new and innovative underwater technologies.

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The OTTB project is part of an ongoing initiative at the University of Victoria to advance marine technology. The ocean technology test bed (OTTB) will be an engineering laboratory, located on the sea floor. It will enable scientific instrument prototyping, ocean technology development and systems engineering. More specifically, it will facilitate research into the technologies required to extend the reach of cabled ocean observatories using underwater vehicles, autonomous instrumentation, and acoustic networks.

Research Objectives

The OTTB will focus on providing research and development  services to two primary sectors:

Underwater engineering research – including the development of innovative ocean technologies, such as: underwater vehicles; high definition imaging systems; integrated acoustic system for underwater navigation and communication.

Interdisciplinary Marine science – provide a facility for marine scientists to design and test unique instrumentation, particularly for application on cabled ocean observatories.

The OTTB project will utilize current VENUS science projects as a guide in the development; these include experiments in the areas of sponge reefs, active seismic regions, a delta dynamics laboratory and acoustics for cetacean monitoring.

Engineering Objectives & Mission Statement

To design and implementation a sea floor ocean technology laboratory that is a state-of-the-art research facility and a go to site for any group wishing to do research, development and testing activities.

How do we facilitate testing?

The OTL is striving to design the OTTB to make it easy and cost effective to test equipment in an ocean environment.

When an instrument is deployed on the OTTB, the recoverable platform is retrieved using the service buoy, and all the installation work is performed while the platform is sitting on the surface. This allows for less expensive dry-mate connectors to be used on the prototpe systems and removes the reliance on ROVs for the subsea installation work.